Importer Management System

New Zealand's only true end-to-end Automotive Importer/Distributor Management System.

An installation of the Autoline IMS by Systime is the only New Zealand example where an internationally recognised IMS is implemented and supported by a specialist automotive industry IT organisation.

Vehicle importers around the world have been using CDK Importer Management Systems (IMS) to manage their businesses for more than 30 years and Systime has been supporting the New Zealand motor industry for about the same amount of time.

The company has a proven track record of working with importers, distributors and national sales companies with system installations in 25+ countries, covering many volume and specialist brands.

CDK IMS highlights:

Powerful, integrated applications, functionally-rich, adaptable and flexible to suit the industry’s continuously evolving and challenging requirements. Through its capabilities of integrating importer and dealer management systems, CDK IMS helps to shorten lead times, reduce transaction costs and increase sales volumes.

Incorporates web-based dealer communication facilities to track vehicle orders, process warranty claims and manage parts orders.

Includes comprehensive project management, system installation, training and support services. Plus system hosting facilities, communications and network infrastructures.

CDK IMS – applications*

Vehicle tracking and logistics

  • Visibility of complete order and vehicle pipeline on a configurable status grid display
  • Sales planning module*
  • Integrated dealer ordering processes
  • Complete vehicle product catalogue with multi-country, multi-currency pricing

Warranty management

  • Automatic claim validationUser- defined rules and controls
  • Multi-currency, multi-market support
  • Audit controls and analysis reports
  • Recall campaign management

Parts distribution and logistics

  • Multi- franchise stock management
  • Demand forecasting and re-order categorisation
  • Multiple suppliers, multiple currency
  • Warehouse management and container processing

CRM with integrated telephony

  • Centralised CRM with customer, company and vehicle records
  • Scripted contact management with integrated telephony
  • CSI and campaign management with email and SMS support

Manufacturer interfaces

  • Vehicle ordering and electronic invoices
  • Warranty claim submission and payment receipts
  • Parts orders and confirmation files with electronic invoices
  • Aftersales master data e.g. parts, labour and warranty

Integration to dealer management systems

  • Vehicle orders with locator to push available stock
  • Warranty claim data prepared in DMS workshop system
  • Parts ordering
  • Web-based ‘Dealer Connect’

Business support

  • Financials and accounting – general ledger integration
  • Multi-franchise
  • Multi-currency purchases or sales
  • Multiple country operations administered from the one system
  • Multi-lingual with double byte and Cyrillic characters supportedADP IMS delivers*

Improvements in operational efficiency using integrated and streamlined processes

  • Increased profitability by the reduction of user workload and greater control of business and its assets
  • Enhanced decision making - achieved by easy access to information and key performance indicators
  • Improvements in customer service with web-based dealer portal and centralised CRM applications
  • Excellent investment value and affordable total cost of ownership

* Specifications and services as described may vary dependent on software version and market availability.