Installation & Support

Systime understands that your IT systems are critical to the success of your business and should an issue ever occur, a fast resolution is essential to minimize disruption and avoid any potential loss of revenue.

At Systime, we provide a dedicated support centre, offering both hardware and software support to all our clients. Our Support Consultants are on hand to help customers identify and solve a wide range of issues. Our clients can rest assured that they are being looked after by specialists who have a wide range of knowledge across a variety of topics.

Systime offers a complete range of services for Autoline users. Specific requirements may vary according to each customer's individual needs and your account manager will be able to provide further information.The main elements provided include:

1. Project Management
For the duration of the system installation, a project manager assigned to you will be your key contact with Systime and will take prime responsibility for the project. The project manager will provide leadership and commitment to the installation team throughout the process.

2. Consultancy
Systime consultants play a key part in the successful implementation of the Autoline system and experience has shown that consultants develop an excellent working relationship with customers' staff. CDK consultants take on a number of roles throughout the installation of an Autoline system, ranging from dealing with technical elements of the system set-up through to providing on-site support during both pre and post installation phases.

3. Customer Services
We recognise the importance of providing high standards of customer satisfaction. The Customer Services team is responsible for monitoring operational standards of performance for all installation and support functions. Their objective is to maintain a policy of continuous improvement throughout the organisation in all aspects of customer care.

4. Software Support
Systime Software Support is manned by a team of consultants, programmers and analysts, additional specialists are available should the need arise. All calls are entered into the centralised call logging system which highlights the calls that need the most urgent attention and keeps line managers fully up-to-date with activity levels. All calls are constantly monitored and prioritised.

5. Hardware Support
Systime's Hardware Support is provided by TSI Group's team of engineers and technical support staff. Many calls are resolved via remote diagnostics and on site visits are made where required. All calls are entered into the central call logging system and are constantly monitored and prioritised.

6. Data Conversion
The Data and Software Integration (DASI) function offers wide range of services commencing with the data extraction from a new customers existing system and then transferring the information ready for use in an Autoline environment. Data converted will typically include: Parts Stock, Marketing Data and Sales & Purchase Ledgers.

DASI also provides a number of other facilities for customers, including data management tools and manufacturer/third party file update distribution.