5 ways to boost upsells in your workshop department

Boost the revenue from your workshop department by tweaking your upsell and cross-sell practices. Try these tips to get your team adding fries to every service.

1. Move from a sales to a service mindset
Selling doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and if you’re not used to being in a customer-facing role then the ask of upselling and cross-selling can seem extremely daunting. By changing your mindset to one that you are providing a service for the customer You’re doing something helpful for your customers but helping them keep on top of their car maintenance.

2. Practice, practice, practice
A script for common scenarios helps your team to find the words when they’re not feeling so confident. Get your team to do practice runs together and to review what has or hasn’t worked. Soon upselling will be as automatic as “would you like fries with that?”.

3. Use email to do a gentle nudge
Do you follow up bookings made with a confirmation email? Try adding in an offer to get an upgraded service at a discounted rate – “confirm today to get the discounted rate”.

4. Make your booking tool do the ask for you.
When under pressure from a person to spend more money, most people will decline in order to end the interaction quickly. Having upsells in the self-service portal makes customers feel in control and more likely to say yes.

5. Show the team the money
When you’re not looking at the numbers every day it can be hard to know the impact of one upsell here or there. Help your team see the potential by showing them the current value of upsells by week, month and year, and then the impact that a small percentage increase can have.

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