TSI Group passes 4 million SMS

16 February 2017

As the new year started, TSI Group passed the milestone of 4 million SMS having been sent through its systems.

These days SMS is used for all sorts of purposes. Systime company manager Tracey Atkins says that the majority of SMS are service and other reminders.

“Not far behind those are messages to inform customers that their vehicle is ready or to confirm extra costs and quotes”, she says.

“We are also increasingly seeing growth in areas like quality service marketing. Customer Radar for example has been popular with our clients and their surveys use SMS to obtain their rating scores. Also Australia is growing quickly”.

TSI SMS has steadily grown since its introduction in 2005, with Australia coming on board in 2012.

“It seems a long time since that first month when we only sent out a few hundred messages”, reflects Tracey, adding “On a busy month now we can do 100,000 across the group.”