Software & Support

Comprehensive on-going support.

1. Ongoing support

We are committed to enduring relationships with all customers.

During the initial implementation and training each system is individually configured to meet the specific needs of each client.

After implementation, support staff provide direct support as and when necessary, including secure remote connectivity. This access greatly increases efficiency and speed of issue resolution.

All support centre activity is carefully and comprehensively logged.

Our consultancy staff are recruited directly from the industries our clients operate in. Our consultants have vast amounts of relevant experience in the business processes of our clients and this knowledge is directly applied to maintaining and improving the day-to-day operation.

Ongoing support includes unlimited phone or email assistance from the support centre as well as free software upgrades.

We pledge “First Call” assistance for any I.T. problem. Whether related to Autoline or not we will take the call.

We have one main support line and email, with offices and staff based in Auckland and Sydney, plus additional consultancy resources in several other places throughout New Zealand and Australia.

2. Ongoing Development / System Evolution

Annual software updates are delivered to our entire network. These are considered part of the support cost and are not separately charged.

Every client and user is able to suggest improvements and additions to our systems. These are reviewed and prioritised, then incorporated into the software as and when time and resources allow.

The company is absolutely committed to this on-going improvement. It creates the major point of difference between the functionality of our software and competitors.

Some custom development is also undertaken from time to time for very specific or unique requirements. This sort of development is generally separately chargeable on a time and materials basis.


Regardless of business size, scope and structure, we will have several similar, if not identical, clients to whom you can be directed as references.

We are extremely proud of our reputation. We guarantee to do whatever is necessary to get your system successfully up and running.

Our undertaking and our promise is to get your system right.