Integrated Telephony (CTI)

Most of your customer interaction happens over the phone.
Shouldn’t your telephone process be 100% efficient?

Integrated Telephony is designed to deliver two things: a slick, personalised experience for your customers and more revenue for you.
Autoline’s Integrated Telephony turns your phone into a computer-aided sales and customer service machine. It links your phone system with your DMS customer database, so your staff can manage customer calls with the perfect blend of knowledge, speed and friendly efficiency.

Autoline’s Integrated Telephony can give your staff their biggest edge yet: a way to provide 5-star customer service and make every call as effective as possible.

Only Autoline’s Integrated Telephony offers true, seamless integration with it’s Dealer Management System (DMS).

Key Features
Autoline’s Integrated Telephony (CTI) is made up of three key features; CTI Toolbar, Call Recorder and Call Intelligence.
Explore how these can help improve dealer efficiency below.


1. CTI Toolbar

All you need at your fingertips to deliver the very best customer experience.

CTI Toolbar

The CTI Toolbar sits on your computer screen and give you access to:

  • Chat - Instant messaging
  • Presence - Shows users availability and staus
  • Call Control - Control phone from screen
  • Click to Dial - from the directory, from the presence, web pages and more
  • Speed Dial - from a personal directory or favourites
  • Call Records & Logs
  • Missed call notification

2. Call Recorder

For staff training and dealer/customer protection

Call Recorder

Call Recorder

Call Recording uses DMS integration to identify your callers and stores the call against their CRM record.

Unlike our competitors, every call is recorded without the annoyance of dialling a prefixed number, so it's easy to find any call recording in just a few clicks.

How can Call Recording help your dealership?

Identify training needs
By listening to real calls, you can see if sales leads are being handled correctly and if employee's telephone manner is consistent with company expectations.

Maximise up selling opportunities
By listening to a seection of calls, you can quickly assess if staff are consistently up-selling products and services. It's a chance to see where the gaps are in your call process.

Protect your staff and customers
When your team are talking to customers regularly, sometimes misunderstandings or disputes can occur. It's not nice when this happens, but if every call is recorded and stored, then disputes can be settled quickly and easily. This simple step can protect both your staff and your customers.

3. Call Intelligence

Understand the call activity in your dealership


Call Inteligence shows you the call metrics that matter, including:

  • How long do customers wait before their call is answered?
  • How many calls are missed in each department?
  • Are there any gaps in your call handling process?

Every call is potential revenue opportunity, so how much is an inefficient process costing your dealership?

Call Intelligence gives you the insight you need to create a perfect call handling process. Improve your daily operations, optimise staff levels at peak times and make sure your customers receive the first class experience they deserve.

4. Clear benefits for you and your customers

Autoline's Integrated Telephony seamlessly connects your phone system and the Autoline DMS, providing you with 'click-to-dial' functionality and automatically 'screen popping' all your customer's key information when you need it.

The benefits of CTI include: