Effective call handling for every department of your dealership.

Most of your leads and enquiries probably still come via the phone, so nailing your call handling can have a big impact how your customers feel about your business.

Whether your call management is handled in a call centre or in your dealership, you need to make sure that your teams provide a consistent, polished and professional approach when interacting with customers. Call Manager is designed to help you do just that.

Create user based call scripts with an easy-to-use wizard for key activities, such as supporting sales prospecting or conducting CSI surveys. Don’t forget your aftersales department too – from generating service appointments to follow up work, Call Manager will help you get more from your calling campaigns.

1. The Sales Cycle

You need to be proactive to attract new business and the phone can be a powerful tool to increase footfall into your dealership.

Sales Cycle

1. Demand Generation
Call scripts give your sales team every chance of getting those test drives booked with their prospecting calls. Select your target segment, and then add the members to your campaign quickly and easily. Run reports per campaign to see how well you’re doing and set targets for improvement.

2. Enquiry Management


Once they’re on the phone, your customers expect a positive and professional management of their enquiry. Poor customer handling can result in a lack of engagement and lost leads. Call Manager provides call scripts that help coach and train staff to manage enquiries as efficiently as possible.

3. Ongoing Communication (after the sale) or Post-sale communication
After your customers purchase their new vehicle, they will notice if you're just as attentive after they buy as you were before. So create a calling campaign for post-sale follow up and use the call scripts to make sure your team members ask all the right questions when they check in. This will make all the difference in securing good CSI scores for your dealership.


2. The Aftersales Cycle

Your customers interact with every department in your dealership over the phone, so don’t forget to arm your service teams with the tools they need to deliver great customer service too.

Your customers have plenty of choice when deciding where to go for their vehicle maintenance, so you need to stay in touch, before they have a chance to think about going elsewhere. Make sure you're the front of mind for all their servicing needs. Lose them here and you may lose them forever.


1.   Demand Generation
Stay ahead of the competition by proactively contacting your customers to advise when work is due on their vehicle. Set up an outbound service calling campaign for all your outstanding opportunities and use the simple wizard to get customers booked straight in to the workshop.

Improved conversion rates for MOT & services appointments and deferred work follow up are all at your grasp.  By using the automatic script prompts, you can also increase upsell opportunities.

2.   Appointment Booking


Your customers are busy people, so make sure that booking a service with you is as fast and easy as making a restaurant reservation, or buying a book from Amazon.

For customers who prefer to book over the phone, you can use call scripts to make sure each enquiry as handled simply and cleanly.  Call Manager provides a structured step-by-step approach for service bookings as well as follow up post-appointment.

Don’t let any amber work slip away to competitors, stay in touch to maximise your workshop revenue.


There’s more!

Call Manager fully integrates seamlessly with Autoline, so there is no need for duplicating effort in re-keying data from your calls in to your DMS.
Make sure your dealership has a consistent and professional approach to call handling. 

Don’t forget; first, second and last impressions count.