Software Installation Advice

It Isn’t Just About The Software
The decision to purchase a dealer management system – and then choosing the right one - will be one of the most important and significant business decisions you will make. Implementing the right solution can ultimately save you a fortune in efficiency and productivity but installing the wrong system, or having the right system badly installed could result in huge additional costs that could take years to recover from.

Also remember that you are entering a close business relationship that will last at least 5 years and probably 10 or more. It is crucial that you consider all aspects in depth and select not only the right system, but also the right business partner who will continue to work with you constantly improving and developing the system for your benefit for years to come.

The following is a list of the key considerations when selecting a system for your business.

1. Ongoing support - what do long term clients say?

Some of our clients have been with us for 25 years.  For these clients, the original software sale is now insignificant. What keeps them with us is our industry leading support services and our commitment to continually improving their businesses.

Systime consultants have a wide appreciation and knowledge of the automotive industry, with the majority coming from previous positions held within Dealerships or in related fields.

Taking into account the entire TSI Group as an entity, our combined support team efforts are eight times the size of our nearest competitor.

This is no accident.  We have been providing the markets best software and support consistently for more than a quarter of a century

2. Who is the software designed for?

The modern dealership is a complex operation where, in reality, you are operating a number of different businesses all under the one roof, each with their own unique requirements.  Autoline helps you address this challenge head one.  It is a complete solution for managing your entire dealership operations, from marketing to vehicles sales, aftersales to parts, as well as all the back-office accounting and vehicle administrative functions.

Autoline is a scalable solution.  So, whether you are a single site, single franchise dealership or a large multi-site, multi-franchise retail operation, Autoline can meet your needs.

Essentially, Autoline is designed for and reflects our business market requirements for franchise dealers and distributers – efficient, reliable and powerful.

3. What type of customer base?

Our customer base comprises:

  • Franchised dealers, from single sites to multi-franchise, multi-locations across New Zealand and Australia.
  • Franchise Distributor’s, Retail Passenger and Commercial Trucks.

Software management solutions provided and supported by the TSI Group (as a whole) run over 3000 New Zealand & Australian business locations with around 10000 users accessing and processing in our systems daily. 

We are the software and computing business partner of choice for the motor industry.

4. Who is the company behind this software and how big are they?

Systime is now in its 36th year providing business systems and support to automotive dealerships. 

TSI Group has a total staff of 62. The Systime team currently totals 24, with 17 based in New Zealand and 7 based in Australia.

The organisation provides end-to-end business computing solutions and includes an engineering department of 7 highly qualified and skilled hardware, networking and communications specialists.

Systime has completed a number of rollouts of multi-site customers in New Zealand, including the BMW NZ rollout in 2003/4. This rollout was actually completed twice in quick succession after a (UK/AG) decision was made to change the version of Autoline being used as the initial rollout was coming to an end.

The BMW NZ project was the first full national rollout of Autoline in any country and for any brand that did not have a single “red light” (RAG Project Management status methodology) in the entire project from initiation to sign off.

Prior to becoming the Australian distributor in 2012, Systime staff also assisted on a number of Australian projects, from implementations, to onsite training and have been supporting Australian customers since 2009.

In recent times Systime has completed multiple Autoline IMS (Importer/Distributor) implementations in New Zealand, further expanding the company’s knowledge of the requirements of distributors, including the provision and configuration of dealer and other interfaces from the distributor/manufacturer point of view.

5. Will they be around in my future?

Systime has been in the specialist motor industry software solutions market for over 30 years.

We are well respected in our industry and are a well-established, privately owned, 100% New Zealand company with a huge investment, both in financial and human resource terms, in maintaining and growing our position into the future.

We are here to stay.

6. How many support staff are available?

Systime ‘s Support team includes a Project Manager, Call Manager, Business Analyst, Software Analyst, Consultants and Programmers.  We are dedicated to supporting every aspect of Autoline and other processes in our client’s businesses.

This is further backed by our internal support specialists such as our engineering and communications team comprising 7 technicians.

The size, scope and quality of our support and consultancy team is second to none.

7. Staff experience and qualifications

Our consultancy staff members are recruited directly from the motor industry in most cases. We make exceptions to this when we are looking for specialist expertise – for example, project management and chartered accountants – but drawing from the industry ensures that our staff know “hands on” how our client businesses operate. We know our users can tell the difference.

All staff members undergo intensive training in our software product as well as learning the general I.T., computing and business principles they need to carry out their roles efficiently. In addition, most of our people undertake external accounting training and other relevant education in a variety of fields related to either I.T. or business.

We have no doubt that our team is the best in our specialist market and our service and support is second to none. Our staff really enjoy their role in helping our clients get the most out of their businesses.

8. Check the references

Whatever your needs, we have similar clients whose experience of how our software operates in their business will be directly relevant to you.

Please feel free to ask our sales consultants for reference sites and, if desirable, to specify the types and sizes of clients you wish to speak to for a “warts and all” discussion.

9. What is included in ongoing after-sale support?

Firstly, and most importantly, we provide unlimited phone and email support - System problems, business questions, advice – it is all available free of additional charge from our consultancy team.

We also provide “first call” assistance for any hardware, communications or third party software – even for items not supplied by us. Often in these cases, once the cause of fault is determined, users will be directed back to another vendor for resolution - but our commitment is to always take the first call and get our clients moving again.

Direct support of our systems is generally available remotely (using a variety of secure connectivity options). We are able to connect directly and carry out whatever remedies are needed quickly and efficiently, keeping down time and inconvenience to an absolute minimum.

As new technologies become available, our specialists in each area are able to assess them and, if there are suitable benefits to be derived, integrate these into Autoline for deployment to clients.

Software updates are seamlessly applied automatically in the end of day processes.  The same process is used for any release upgrade, for which we supply the full details and work with our clients to confirm functionality uptake, training requirements and implementation.  Excluding set up and training, all updates are included in our ongoing software support agreement at no additional charge.

Training our staff to a point of industry expertise is expensive and time consuming.  We undertake this happily, however, as it provides the major point of difference between our service delivery and the rest of the market. We have the best people and the best reputation because we invest heavily in this critical area of our business – our clients appreciate our expertise and knowledge because it helps them to grow their profits.